Massage Therapy

During your massage session, you are usually dressed in underwear, so remember to choose them accordingly. For women it is better to avoid anything that is lacey or too fragile, no need to take your most beautiful lingerie. For men, prefer underpants or boxers and avoid overly loose underpants.

Whatever your clothes, it is important to remember that your body will be covered with oil during the massage, and that not all the oil will have penetrated your skin at the end. Avoid dressing with your favorite clothes on which an oil stain would have the worst effect.

  • The beauty treatment

Unless you’ve just opted for a relaxing massage, it’s better to avoid leaving the hairdresser’s office, having had a great blow dry just before, or spending long minutes doing star makeup.

Your face, scalp and neck are an integral part of any self-respecting massage. We spend long minutes kneading, brushing, and pressing, your skin and hair may be soaked in natural oils. Once you have experienced it, you will understand how inconceivable it is to deprive yourself of these sensations.

  • Hygiene

Be clean, no need for superfluous but respect massage practitioners as you would doctors. No need to systematically take a shower before coming, but it’s better if you’ve sweated a lot in the past few hours.

Body odours can quickly become uncomfortable, and this will not only be harmful to the practitioner, but also to the quality of the service you will receive. If it is unpleasant for him, he will do less and will certainly speed up his protocol to shorten the session. As a result, by neglecting your hygiene, you reduce the benefits of your relaxation session.

  • Take your time

Don’t slip your massage in the middle of an overloaded schedule. To fully enjoy it, you have to take the time before and after.

The best way is to calculate your travel time to arrive with a margin, so that you are on time and even ahead of time. If you are in a hurry or a little late, you will put yourself under additional stress, which is the opposite of what you are looking for with a body relaxation session.

If you are a little late, your session may also be a little shorter, or it will be the welcome or recovery phases after the massage that will be cut by a few minutes.

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