The Benefits of Massage

Massage has been practiced for thousands of years for its relaxing, healing and preventive properties.

In addition to facilitating the circulation of fluids, it stimulates the body’s natural functions to preserve its integrity, maintain it and sometimes even relieve its disorders.

It is accessible to everyone, can be done on any part of the body and everyone can enjoy it. And what is wonderful about massage is that it adapts to you and others.

  • The benefits of massage on the body

By stimulating muscles and reducing stress, massage has a very positive effect on many problems that we often encounter during our lifetime :

  • It reduces pain in the neck, back, feet and joints.

  • It relieves the lumbar vertebrae.

  • It reduces tension and promotes muscle relaxation leading to an improvement in your posture, which prevents chronic pain.

  • It drains toxins and fats.

  • It also acts on skin imperfections and softens the skin through friction and kneading.

  • It improves blood circulation, increasing the body’s natural recovery and increases your overall fitness.


  • The relaxation it brings calms and deepens breathing, oxygen circulates better in your body and stimulates your defense and recovery mechanisms.

  • Benefits of massage on the organism

In addition to its benefits through the mechanical effect of the work of your hands on the recipient’s muscles (the person being massaged), relaxation and better circulation of fluids (blood, lymph…) bring a series of very appreciable collateral benefits. There again you will see that it helps to relieve some very painful disorders :

  • Sleep is improved.

  • Digestion is stimulated, especially in the event of constipation.

  • The blood circulation is strengthened, which reduces the risk of disease.

  • Can help relieve asthma.

  • Can help with childbirth.

Of course, massage is not said to be a kind of magical practice that can cure all diseases, but used regularly and in the right way it can greatly improve the quality of life and the condition of the body in general. It can relieve many problems, prevent others and, in addition to medical follow-up, help in a faster recovery (The opinion of the doctor is of course essential to avoid any contraindication).

  • Benefits of massage on psychological state

The effects on psychological well-being are ultimately only the logical consequences of the benefits detailed in the previous paragraphs.

The human body is the vehicle that transports our consciousness. Thus, body and mind are closely linked. When morale is not there, everything seems difficult, the slightest task requires considerable effort. When you are injured or ill, unless you have a strong mind, the mood is often moody and thoughts are not very cheerful.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the beneficial psychological consequences that massage can have if it is practiced regularly :

  • Let go: this may seem obvious to you, but behind this simple state of mind, physiological phenomena intervene in the body and greatly improve the quality of life:

  • The quality of sleep becomes better.

  • The Cortisol level (also called the stress hormone) decreases and the production of Dopamine (pleasure hormone) is stimulated.

  • Muscle tension and stress-related stomach problems are reduced and in some cases may even disappear.

  • It helps to fight against depressive and anxious states and prevents their appearance.
  • It helps to take a step back from certain complicated situations. It thus improves your serenity in the relationship with your surroundings, which generally makes it good for you!

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