Massage is one of the best ways we have at our disposal to relax, to relax and to release all our physical and psychological tensions.

First of all because relaxing on a massage table while the therapist is taking care of our body is a fantastic pleasure.

Touch is a physio-psychoemotional need that is not always satisfied in everyday life, so you might as well enjoy it on a massage table.

Secondly, although massage is not deeply rooted in our habits, it is nevertheless essential for physical and mental health.

  • Massage is the healthiest and least intrusive of all therapies.

  • Massage has real preventive and curative properties for our health.

  • Massage is a physical, physiological and hormonal necessity. It helps the body to regain its functional balance (homeostasis).

  • Massage is a wonderful way to not only do yourself good, but also to find yourself (body-mind union) and to feel happy (well-being through letting go…).

Massage is therefore not a luxury to be granted from time to time but a necessity to be received regularly, and this throughout our lives. As the years go by, our body needs more and more help to regain its potential, to eliminate toxins and to regain its tone, functionality and energy.

Relaxation blurs the pain and allows you to regain inner “happiness”.

We could write a “plethora” of arguments, each more accurate than the next, to try to convince you to have a massage… but in short:

In the same way that you have to do a service to your car from time to time to “ensure” its functioning and longevity, you have to offer massages to your body in order to thank it, to preserve it, to regenerate it, to optimize your homeostasis (balance).


From the age of 25, the body begins to decline. It is up to us to ensure that this process is slowed down. Massage is an excellent way to go in the right direction.

Massage is a real tool for well-being, but not only. It allows your body to regain sensations, and your mind to escape. To conclude, discover here, the 8 essential reasons to have a regular massage :

  • Your posture improves as the muscles around your spine relax and soften.

  • Your blood circulation is boosted and stimulated, which helps your body to recover muscle and improve overall tone.

  • Massage encourages a deepening of your breathing by helping oxygen to circulate better, and thus encourages your body to heal itself and develop its growth.

  • The different manipulations increase the flexibility of your joints and relieve the different tensions.

  • The body relaxed by the treatment helps to soothe your mind.

  • The release of your thoughts leaves room for more vigilance and attention in your daily life.

  • Massage reduces cortisol levels (also known as stress hormone), which increases your natural immune defenses.

  • The decrease in cortisol levels and the increase in serotonin and dopamine induced by massage reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

Massages are a good way to increase your state of well-being on a daily basis by helping to manage stress. Stress is the number one enemy of our modern societies. That’s why it’s important to arm yourself to prevent it. There are also emotional management exercises and work to be done on your state of mind to improve the quality of your thoughts to prevent stress.

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